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Västergötland in Sweden — Rent a holiday home with DanCenter

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83 holiday homes for Västergötland

Holiday home in MariestadHouse no: 8796Mariestad4 persons,  210 m²300 m to coast.Welcome to a classic Swedish summer house with a view of Lake Ymsen. Here you live in a charming older red house that combines the new with the old. Outside you can both see and hear cranes, deer and moose ...Holiday home in LjungHouse no: 7159Ljung7 persons,  130 m²3.7 km to coast.Welcome to a very nice red house in a rural setting. Scenic area with large plot and newly renovated inside 2020. On the lower level you are greeted by a welcoming entrance and a fresh kitchen. The kitchen ...Holiday home in SjötorpHouse no: 40740Sjötorp4 persons,  30 m²5 m to coast.Welcome to this cute holiday home set right by the shores of lake Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. The holiday home is a 30 square foot guest house on the landlord's garden plot. It features a small bedroom, ...Holiday home in AplaredHouse no: 43702Aplared6 persons,  126 m²75 m to coast.This nice house is located on a peninsula right next to Frisjön just outside Borås. The house is located in one of the most beautiful area by Arnäsholm with a beautiful chapel next to it which is a copy ...Holiday home in KarlsborgHouse no: 6251Karlsborg4 persons,  80 m²1.0 km to coast.Welcome to a delightful holiday home, located by lake Vättern, in Västergötland. This charming house is as charming on the inside as it is on the outside, and is set on a forest plot of 2000 square metres. ...Holiday home in UpphäradHouse no: 7502Upphärad4 persons,  130 m²3.0 km to coast.In the middle of the country with proximity to town and swimming is this nice house. A large charming older house with beautiful nature outside. Here you will find peace and if you are lucky you can see ...Holiday home in TorslandaHouse no: 77129Torslanda2 persons,  21 m²15 m to coast.This charming holiday home, with it's enchanting view, is set on a rock by the sea in Torslanda. It was renovated in 2008 and includes it's own bathing dock. This is the perfect place for relaxation and ...Holiday home in ÖckeröHouse no: 4840Öckerö3 persons,  25 m²100 m to coast.On Öckerö, one of the most beautiful islands of the West Coast, in Gothenburg's northern archipelago lies this sun-drenched cottage right by the sea. From all the points you can see the sea's own biografy. ...Holiday home in LerumHouse no: 58012Lerum8 persons,  150 m²300 m to coast.Beautiful large house close to Lake Aspen. Here you'll have a private outdoor spa and a secluded terrace. The house sits on a lovely plot with a lawn and garden, featuring fruit trees and berry bushes. ...Holiday home in ÖckeröHouse no: 63867Öckerö5 persons,  60 m²150 m to coast.Welcome to a roomy accommodation in a child-friendly residential area on Öckerö. The ocean with swimming possibilities is only 150 m away. The apartment is located on the ground floor and features a roomy ...Holiday home in FristadHouse no: 44389Fristad4 persons,  45 m²1.5 km to coast.Fresh cabin / caravan with good standard and rural location on the outskirts of Fristad. Ideal for families who want to be close to nature and rich outdoor life. The cabin has all the comforts of its square ...Holiday home in LidköpingHouse no: 48480Lidköping5 persons,  50 m²50 m to coast.Welcome to this delightful holiday home, set on the cape of Kållandsö, by lake Vänern! The newly-built cottage features a spacious terrace and is set only 50 metres from the lakeside, close to the boat ...Holiday home in LjungHouse no: 24129Ljung6 persons,  71 m²400 m to coast.Idyllic, high standard holiday home suitable for a holiday during any season of the year. Equipped with a large terrace, a sauna, and a wood fuelled hot tub right next to it, it is the ideal place for ...Holiday home in MariestadHouse no: 43635Mariestad5 persons,  100 m²25 m to coast.With a lovely lake view overlooking Vänern and private beach you will stay in a pleasant red holiday home with white trims, located northwest of the charming town of Mariestad. The holiday home was extend ...Holiday home in ÅsarpHouse no: 38610Åsarp6 persons,  55 m²1.0 km to coast.A warm welcome to this beautiful place with the forest just around the corner, swimming and beautiful nature. Here you live well in a cozy well-planned cottage with a nice location. This house is part ...Holiday home in ÖckeröHouse no: 68361Öckerö4 persons,  33 m²300 m to coast.Welcome to the island of Öckerö in Gothenburgs northern archipelago. Here you'll have the ocean as your neighbor. The cozy house sits on the owners land. There is a nice terrace with a grill. washing machine ...Holiday home in SandhemHouse no: 9012Sandhem4 persons,  53 m²Welcome to Ängslyckan as this cottage is called. The cottage is located on a farm surrounded by grazing cows and also has a dance band track right next door. Here is everything a family with children wants. ...Holiday home in AlingsåsHouse no: 67680Alingsås7 persons,  82 m²100 m to coast.This is a great holiday home, set on an elevated plot in Alingsås, east of Göteborg. The terrace offers a panoramic view of the lake, Stora Färgen, the kitchen and living room also have a fantastic view. ...Holiday home in HovaHouse no: 38744Hova6 persons,  115 m²2 m to coast.This house is located on Gudhammar's Mansion with an incredibly beautiful surrounded next to Lake Skagern. This idyllic holiday home has a panoramic view over the lake and with a spacious kitchen and opportunity ...Holiday home in HovaHouse no: 96644Hova12 persons,  200 m²80 m to coast.This house is located on Gudhammar's Mansion with an incredibly beautiful surrounded next to Lake Skagern. Enjoy the good life inside this completely renovated manor wing. This holiday home is just next ...Holiday home in HovaHouse no: 38743Hova14 persons,  200 m²100 m to coast.This house is located on Gudhammar's Mansion with an incredibly beautiful surrounded next to Lake Skagern. You have views over the lake from almost every room and the house invites to two balconies and ...Holiday home in GullspångHouse no: 12731Gullspång4 persons,  65 m²5.0 km to coast.This delightful holiday home is located between Sweden's two largest lakes, lake Vänern and lake Vättern. It is surrounded by beautiful woodlands, yet close to many charming towns and villages. The bottom ...Holiday home in TostaredHouse no: 6930Tostared5 persons,  52 m²500 m to coast.Do you want to live close to the beautiful lake Lygnern in the quiet and cozy village Tostared with horses in pastures, close to swimming, own farm dog and berry picking in wonderful forest and nature. ...Holiday home in HönöHouse no: 67448Hönö4 persons,  40 m²100 m to coast.Welcome to Hönö Island, located in the northern archipelago outside of Gothenburg. Here you have a generous fenced lawn and a wonderful outdoor seating area. The house consists of 1 bedroom and an alcove ...Holiday home in HovaHouse no: 40719Hova4 persons,  50 m²20 m to coast.This house is located on Gudhammar's Mansion with an incredibly beautiful surrounded next to Lake Skagern. The house is charming, rustic holiday home was built in the 1800's and is setonly 20 metres from ...Holiday home in TorslandaHouse no: 41380Torslanda3 persons,  27 m²50 m to coast.This cosy little holiday home is a guest house, with a great view of the sea, located in Torsanda, north-west of Göteborg. The cottage is only 100 metres from the closest bathing spot with it's cliffs ...Holiday home in AlingsåsHouse no: 95248Alingsås5 persons,  110 m²100 m to coast.This is a charming holiday home set on a nature plot outside of Alingsås. With it's comforts and beautiful view of the sea, it's the perfect place for a family holiday. This was a summer home only to begin ...Holiday home in ÖckeröHouse no: 67444Öckerö5 persons,  32 m²300 m to coast.Welcome to the island of Öckerö in the northern archipelago outside of Gothenburg. Here you have a ferry line taking you back and forth to the main land and surrounding islands every 20th minutes. In Hönö ...Holiday home in SandhemHouse no: 18800Sandhem7 persons,  200 m²400 m to coast.In the beautiful nature outside Sandhem you will find this beautiful old farm that can become your very own summer idyll. Rullstensåsar shapes the hilly landscape in the surroundings, which really invites ...Holiday home in GöteneHouse no: 4105Götene5 persons,  50 m²6.0 km to coast.The cottage is incredibly nicely surrounded by historic sites, pilgrimage trails and beautiful views. The cottage was renovated in 2015 with new wallpaper and with bright decor and maintains a very good ...
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