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Holiday in Sweden

Just a small drive or ride across the sound and you and your family will find numerous beautiful holiday experiences. Sweden has everything from unique nature and beautiful skerries to vibrant cities full of life and history. DanCenter holiday home rentals has holiday homes all over Sweden including Skåne, Småland and near the capital Stockholm.

Holiday home in Sweden for 2 persons - or more generations?

DanCenter has more than 800 holiday homes in beautiful Sweden including luxury holiday homes for up to 20 people as well as cosy, traditional Swedish wooden houses known from the children's stories by the famous author Astrid Lindgren. DanCenter has just the right holiday home for your holiday.

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1,726 holiday homes for Sweden

Holiday home in GullholmenHouse no: 64842Gullholmen3 persons,  25 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in RånäsHouse no: 9556Rånäs4 persons,  55 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in TibroHouse no: 9009Tibro4 persons,  42 m²170 m to coast.Holiday home in RödönHouse no: 48694Rödön4 persons,  56 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in FärlövHouse no: 48699Färlöv4 persons,  40 m²4.0 km to coast.Holiday home in Munka-LjungbyHouse no: 49382Munka-Ljungby10 persons,  140 m²3.8 km to coast.Holiday home in SandhemHouse no: 13574Sandhem4 persons,  45 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in KyrknäsHouse no: 28010Kyrknäs6 persons,  68 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in TällbergHouse no: 31687Tällberg4 persons,  45 m²30 m to coast.Holiday home in VaraHouse no: 76873Vara6 persons,  70 m²5.0 km to coast.Holiday home in TyringeHouse no: 37417Tyringe2 persons,  23 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in ÖglundaHouse no: 4090Öglunda4 persons,  22 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in MarstrandHouse no: 10511Marstrand2 persons,  25 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in JärboHouse no: 7892Järbo5 persons,  100 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in UnnarydHouse no: 8086Unnaryd6 persons,  95 m²700 m to coast.Holiday home in SöderåkraHouse no: 55815Söderåkra4 persons,  66 m²3.0 km to coast.Holiday home in FengerforsHouse no: 53345Fengerfors5 persons,  75 m²1.6 km to coast.Holiday home in SollerönHouse no: 51607Sollerön4 persons,  26 m²250 m to coast.Holiday home in EdHouse no: 4457Ed6 persons,  115 m²15 km to coast.Holiday home in UnnarydHouse no: 40708Unnaryd4 persons,  40 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in UddevallaHouse no: 29237Uddevalla8 persons,  130 m²1.0 km to coast.Holiday home in VärnamoHouse no: 52911Värnamo7 persons,  90 m²8 km to coast.Holiday home in RimforsaHouse no: 7909Rimforsa2 persons,  25 m²175 m to coast.Holiday home in RamsjöHouse no: 48532Ramsjö3 persons,  35 m²250 m to coast.Holiday home in ArbogaHouse no: 45729Arboga4 persons,  90 m²20 km to coast.Holiday home in MönsteråsHouse no: 18605Mönsterås2 persons,  26 m²150 m to coast.Holiday home in BjörkängHouse no: 42356Björkäng4 persons,  84 m²450 m to coast.Holiday home in VittsjöHouse no: 44871Vittsjö7 persons,  125 m²Holiday home in BodaforsHouse no: 53013Bodafors3 persons,  60 m²25 m to coast.Holiday home in NogersundHouse no: 16577Nogersund5 persons,  45 m²100 m to coast.
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Skerries, city or skiing in Sweden?

Experience the unique Swedish skerries. Rent a canoe or kayak and paddle among the thousands of small islands with raw and naked rocks or the bigger, forest-clad islands that are easy to reach from the main land.

If you are looking for a bit more adventure then take a trip to Gothenburg with the amusement park Liseberg with fun for the entire family. Stockholm is the place to go, if you love a city with beautiful nature, lots of history, culture and beautiful, world class design. If you are looking for an active winter holiday in Sweden you will find both cross-country and alpine skiing in the Swedish mountains.

Holiday home in the Swedish nature

All of our holiday homes in Sweden are surrounded by the scenic Swedish nature. DanCenter has numerous options across Sweden from Skåne, Småland, near Stockholm and in the Swedish skerries north of Gothenburg. Sweden is a country full of oppositions and therefore also full of opportunities for a holiday suited just right for you and your family.

Do you want to experience Sweden through the eyes of the children's author Astrid Lindgren? We can offer you the classic Swedish holiday home experience. Book an authentic, cosy, small, red wooden cabin on the edges of a pine forest along a beautiful lake in open country side. Your holiday in a traditional cabin in Sweden can help you reduce stress and forget all your troubles.

Go on a luxury holiday in Sweden

As a contrast to the idyllic cabin in Sweden you can also book a lovely, big holiday home. DanCenter offers different luxury holiday homes with room for the entire family. In Sweden we have big holiday homes fitting the entire family or groups up to 20 people. These include houses with swimming pool and whirlpool that you can enjoy both during summer or winter. Take a dip and cool off with your family on holiday in Sweden and the sun shines from a clear sky. You can also enjoy the warm water and a glass of champagne in the outdoor whirlpool on a cold winter's night. Or during the autumn break when the children splash in the pool and you enjoy the beautiful views of the colourful leaves falling from the trees.

Sweden is water, water and water

Sweden has been admitted to UNESCO's list of world heritage for its unique coastline. Middle and north of Sweden have countless rivers, lakes and streams criss-crossing the country. Sometimes you get the feeling that the country is swimming with only forests and fields acting as links between rivers and lakes. This is particular noticeable for the middle part of Sweden where the ice age left plain tracks. Thousands of lakes fill the gorges created when the ice retracted to the North.

At the exact place where the river Mälaren with fresh water meets the salt water from the Baltic you will find Stockholm spread across 14 islands and islets. But there is more: The Stockholm skerries just a few minutes sailing from the capital is comprised by a total of 24.000 islands and islets.

The Siljan lake is located in the middle part of Sweden called Dalarna. The lake and the surrounding towns are regarded as the historical centre of the country. From here, Sweden gradually becomes more raw and deserted. In Norrland, the only sound you hear in the enormous forests is from the roaring rivers.

For centuries, the rivers have been used for transporting logs to the coast. And where the rivers flow into the ocean is where the first settlements were founded several thousands of years ago. Höga Kusten in the north-eastern Sweden is permitted on UNESCO's list of world heritage for its unique coastline.

Sweden is a hit with the active family

Sweden has countless activities for children, young people and old people. It all starts when you book a holiday home or a cottage in Sweden, so the entire family has a god basis. Afterwards you have lots of room for social intercourse, fun and games as well as instructive activities for the entire family. The Swedish mountains provide plenty of opportunities for skiing during the winter. Sweden has lots of family-minded ski resorts. If you have booked a holiday home near the cities Stockholm, Malmø and Gothenburg, you will find plenty of activities. Bring your family to the zoos, amusement parks, museums and more.

Experience Sweden's mighty forests

Sweden has beautiful forests from north to south. To the south, in Skåne and Småland, where DanCenter can offer you a big selection of holiday homes and cabins, you will find the hardwood forests. This area is also known for its moose-safaris, a unique nature experience. Such an experience is a guarantee for talks when you return to the holiday home or cabin. Småland is also perfect for bike rides, horseback riding, canoeing and fishing.

If you have booked a holiday home in the middle or northern part of Sweden, you will find the landscape dominated by deep valleys, plateaus and vast fir and pine forests. Here you can bring your family berry and mushroom picking, enjoying the beautiful flowers in the spring or the may different colours of the leaves in the autumn. Take a refreshing dip in the forest lake and catch a fish for dinner. While the children play in these beautiful settings, mum and dad can prepare the freshly-caught fish in the open-concept kitchen and the grandparents can relax with a glass of wine on the sofa. If you have plans of going to Sweden, book a holiday home with DanCenter Holiday Rentals.

Midsummer in Sweden

The midsummer party in Sweden is truly unique. To many it is a symbol of the lightness, the light and the life force symbolic of the Nordic summer. Midsummer in Sweden is the biggest celebration of solstice in Scandinavia.

When the most Swedish of Swedish parties approach, the whole country is exited. Midsummer is traditionally a feast celebrated with family and friends, but if you are a tourist you are welcome to join the festivities. It is celebrated all over the country - by the coast, in the skerries, by idyllic lakes, in the mountains or one of the islands. All is good, as long as there is plenty of pristine and diverse nature around.

Questions and answers concerning Sweden

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter holiday homes I choose from in Sweden?

There are 800+ DanCenter holiday homes in Sweden.

What are the most important places to visit in Sweden?

Some of the most important places to visit in Sweden are Stockholm, Gothenburg, Åre, Halmstad, Helsingborg, and Malmø.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Sweden?

Some of the must-do activities in Sweden are:

  • Ghost walk in Stockholm
  • Enjoying Crayfish party
  • Skiing in the winter
  • Bicycling around the Island Ven
  • Hiking the Hoga Kusten train
  • Visiting one of Sweden’s famous castle
  • Attending an ice-hockey game

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travelers from the UK can reach Sweden by air and connecting train.

What are the recommended dishes in Sweden?

Some of the recommended dishes in Sweden are Jansson’s Temptation, Raggmunk & Lingonberries, Marinated salmon with Dill Potatoes and Chives with Sour cream.

When is the ideal time to visit Sweden?

The months from mid-May to early-September are the best to visit Sweden.