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52 holiday homes for Östergötland

Holiday home in ÖdeshögHouse no: 79976Ödeshög3 persons,  50 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in ValdemarsvikHouse no: 98479Valdemarsvik8 persons,  145 m²400 m to coast.Holiday home in MjölbyHouse no: 52545Mjölby4 persons,  60 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in SöderköpingHouse no: 4774Söderköping4 persons,  100 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in ArkösundHouse no: 43238Arkösund4 persons,  45 m²400 m to coast.Holiday home in MotalaHouse no: 54402Motala7 persons,  96 m²2.0 km to coast.Holiday home in GusumHouse no: 53369Gusum4 persons,  60 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in LinköpingHouse no: 45966Linköping4 persons,  100 m²15 km to coast.Holiday home in GreboHouse no: 97284Grebo4 persons,  90 m²75 m to coast.Holiday home in RimforsaHouse no: 48562Rimforsa6 persons,  80 m²15 m to coast.Holiday home in HornHouse no: 50947Horn4 persons,  42 m²201 m to coast.Holiday home in RimforsaHouse no: 48362Rimforsa8 persons,  90 m²80 m to coast.Holiday home in LjungHouse no: 32979Ljung4 persons,  26 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in RimforsaHouse no: 7909Rimforsa2 persons,  25 m²175 m to coast.Holiday home in Vreta KlosterHouse no: 43911Vreta Kloster6 persons,  196 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in GusumHouse no: 54171Gusum4 persons,  33 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in ValdemarsvikHouse no: 54442Valdemarsvik5 persons,  80 m²1.0 km to coast.Holiday home in SkärblackaHouse no: 4570Skärblacka4 persons,  120 m²2.7 km to coast.Holiday home in ÖdeshögHouse no: 54487Ödeshög11 persons,  280 m²4.8 km to coast.Holiday home in ValdemarsvikHouse no: 4637Valdemarsvik4 persons,  65 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in YxnerumHouse no: 25930Yxnerum7 persons,  150 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in BoxholmHouse no: 49786Boxholm6 persons,  55 m²25 m to coast.Holiday home in ÖdeshögHouse no: 4991Ödeshög5 persons,  42 m²6.0 km to coast.Holiday home in Vreta KlosterHouse no: 48695Vreta Kloster4 persons,  60 m²300 m to coast.
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Experience Östergötland and its many cultural offers, not to mention the splendid archipelago with its varied nature by the Baltic Sea.

The Kolmården Wildlife Park is situated north of Norrköping. Here you can meet animals from all over the world. Here the day passes by very easily with a lot of fantastic experiences for the entire family. The safari park offers a great adventure as you can sit in the cable car that goes over the safari park's exciting animals.

Linköping is the fifth biggest city in Sweden. It is lively and has a high pulse. It has a lot of bars, theatres and an impressing selection of restaurants for every taste and at any price level. Do you love to go shopping? If the answer is yes, the city is an Eldorado with a lot of shops and galleries. But it also has something to offer for those interested in cultural experiences – you might visit the old Linköping, the cathedral or the Air Force Museum. There are several beautiful castles, e.g. Ekenäs Castle which has the annually held rover tournament. Go exploring along the Göta Canal, which flows into the Roxen Lake, and along the Kinda canal down to the Kinda lakes which have beautiful surroundings with a lot of locks.

Reijmyre is situated in Norrköping municipality. The Reijmyre glassworks are some of the oldest in Sweden and were founded in 1810. It is beautifully located between Norrköping and Finspång in the middle of the deep Kolmård forest. The nearest archipelago is Arkösund, a small community by the sea, which is full of life in the summer, and here you will find many shops, pubs and hotels offering entertainment. Furthermore you will find the open air theatre, stalls with fine craft, yachting opportunities, ice-cream booths and magnificent bathing opportunities at Badholmarna.

Söderköping has beautiful surroundings, and it is especially a nice place in the summer. Enjoy the nice old town or go by bike along the canal. Climb the Ramunderberg and experience the town from above. Afterwards you can relax with one of the famous ice creams at Smultronstället, or you can try a Spanish lunch table at the restaurant La Uva which is located in the centre of the town square.

In the heart of Valdemarsvik you will find the popular marina. The Gryt and Tjust archipelagos with rocky as well as sandy beaches are very popular bathing beaches in the summer. Experience Astrid Lindgren’s adventurous world in Vimmerby in the northern part of Småland together with your children or grand children. It was here that the stories about Pippi Langstrømpe and Emil from Lønneberg were created.

Questions and answers concerning Östergötland

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter holiday homes can I choose from in Östergötland?

There are 30+ DanCenter holiday homes in Östergötland.

What are the most important places to visit in Östergötland?

Omberg hill, Tåkern lake, Gamla Linköping, Norrköping, Borensberg, the archipelago of Östergötland, Alvastra Abbey, and Vadstena are some of the important places in Östergötland.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Östergötland?

Some of the must-try activities in Östergötland are:

  • Visiting the castles, heritage buildings, and museums
  • Hiking
  • Exploring the biking trails

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

Travellers from the UK can reach Östergötland via air, ferry, train and car.

What are the recommended dishes in Östergötland?

Try Honokaka, Brunkål, Kavring, and Svartsoppa when in Östergötland.

When is the ideal time to visit Östergötland?

The best time to visit Östergötland is from May to September.