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Book a holiday in a holiday home in Ebeltoft on Djursland. Djursland's biggest town - where you can experience a small part of Denmark's history. Here you can wander the cosy, narrow cobblestone streets and admire the colourful, beautiful half-timbering houses. A cosy town with lots of atmosphere and charming experiences. Close by you will find the hills Mols Bjerge - with its fantastic nature experiences, hikes and beautiful bike trails. Find the perfect holiday home for you and your family and experience the charm offered by Ebeltoft.

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House no: 78295Ebeltoft10 persons,  114 m²Animals are allowed.400 m to coast.A large holiday cottage with many possibilities. After a long day with activities, you can relax in the whirlpool and sauna. Five bedrooms, two in the annex. There is also a bathroom in the annex. The living room is openly connected to the well-equipped ...House no: 62888Ebeltoft36 persons,  450 m²Animals are allowed.400 m to coast.House no: 06383Ebeltoft6 persons,  80 m²Animals are allowed.100 m to coast.House no: 94495Ebeltoft4 persons,  57 m²Animals are allowed.200 m to coast.House no: 68007Ebeltoft6 persons,  100 m²Pets are not allowed.100 m to coast.House no: 09697Ebeltoft8 persons,  250 m²Pets are not allowed.50 m to coast.

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Holiday home in Ebeltoft

The town of Ebeltoft is located on Djursland and here th town is an attraction in itself. Ebeltoft is one of Denmark's most popular holiday areas and this is not without reason. Ebeltoft is Djursland's oldest market town and got its commercial property rights back in 1301 and this is reflected in the cozy town. The cobbled, narrow streets and old, small half-timbered houses create the perfect setting for a pleasant walk through the old market town that often has music and entertainment during the summer period.

The atmospheric town has many small shops, with everything from fashion to handicrafts, such as glass and ceramics stores and other specialty stores. In addition, the town also has more restaurants and cafes.

The town of Ebeltoft is a small piece of Denmark's history, beautifully located by the ocean. Visit Glasmuseet Ebeltoft - Denmark's only museum of glass art, Ree Park Safari or the Frigate Jylland - the longest wooden ship in the world that participated in the wars against Schleswig in the 19th century. The large number of tourists coming to ebeltoft every year enjoy the fun sights, the cozy town, the beautiful scenery and the good beaches in the area.

Experiences in Ebeltoft – what to see and what to do

• The old town hall and the Siamese collection

The old town hall was built in 1789 and is located in the old town district of Ebeltoft. It is a unique experience to walk around in the building with the original interior and visit the guard room, the Molbostuen, the Tingstuen and the prison cellar.

Just behind the Old Town Hall you will find the Siamese collection. A unique collection of stuffed animals, insects and ethnographic objects created by Rasmus Havmøller, a Danish adventurer and hunter, during his stay in Siam (Thailand) from 1914 to 1933. The exotic collection is a pure art chamber and still stands as when it opened in 1940. An attraction for children and adults alike.

• The nature reserve – Mols Bjerge

Experience the national Park Mols Bjerge and see the unique landscape and the beautiful scenery. The Danish national Park is named after the area's best-known natural area: Mols Bjerge (mountains), but the large nature area contains more than that, with a land area of approc. 150 km2 and 30 km2 of sea. The national park consists of heaths, forests, bogs and beautiful coastlines. Visit the fine beach or take the opportunity to hike, ride or participate in a guided tour - National Park Mols Bjerge is full of possibilities.

• The glas museum Ebeltoft Discover a magical world of glass in Denmark's only museum of glass art. An international museum for modern art with an impressive collection of more than 1,500 works with exhibitions with glass art all year round. If you visit the museum in the children's school holidays it is possible for yourself to experiment with artwork in glass.

• The Frigate Jylland

The world's longest wooden ship and a unique history. The ship participated in the Schleswig wars in the 19th century and was in that time a high-tech marvel and one of the most modern ships. The frigate offers many stories and activities for both children and adults.

• Ree Park Safari

Take a trip to Ree Park Safari, meet the many animals from four different continents and have an unforgettable experience. Try a ride on one of the big camels, pet all the animals on the Farm, take the America Expressen to the North American prairie with bears, elk and wolves or take go on safari and meet the African animals from the savannah.

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Holiday rentals in Ebeltoft

At DanCenter holiday rentals we have more than 60 years of experience with holiday rental, son when you plan your holiday with us, you can be sure to have everything run smoothly. Get inspired by the many different houses, before booking en well-needed holiday for you and your family. Approximately half of DanCenter's holiday homes welcome pets.

Holiday home areas at Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft is just one of the many cosy holiday home areas on Djursland.

DanCenter holiday home rentals also offers holiday homes in many other popular areas. Find a holiday home in the areas Handrup Bakker, Egsmark Strand, Begtrup Vig and Helgenæs or in the areas Øer Strand, Skødshoved and Lyngsbæk Strand.

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Try a different type of holiday with a stay in one of Danlands holiday centres. Here you have access to a number of shared facilities that you often don't have at a holiday home.

At Danland's holiday centre Øer Maritime Ferieby i Ebeltoft , the holiday homes are located on 7 islands, all connected by bridges. Here you can enjoy your holiday with great views of either the docks or the canals and the beautiful nature. The holiday centre has i.a. indoor swimming pool and sauna.
Outdoors you will find activities such as football, beach volley, tennis, petanque and miniature golf. The outdoor playground is perfect for the children to enjoy and make new friends.