Key pick-up

With the booking confirmation you receive the address of the holiday home you have rented as well as information about where to pick up the key. Normally the key is to be picked up at the house or close by. In those cases where it is the owner of the house or his representative, who hands over the key, you will be asked to present your rental agreement. More often than not electricity, water and other charges are included in the rental amount. Where this is not the case you will also receive an electricity-envelope on which the meter readings of all consumption dependant expenses are to be noted upon arrival as well as departure.


In some cases, i.e. where this is stated in the description of your holiday home, you will be asked to put down a deposit upon picking up the key, acting as security for the return of the key and the handing back of the house in the same condition as found. The size of the deposit is stated in the description of the house.

Arrival at your holiday home

You can not expect your holiday home to be heated on arrival.

Reading the meters

In case of electricity etc. being charged separately please read all meters and note the readings on your electricity-envelope upon arrival at the house. This refers to eg electricity, heating and telephone meters. Please remember to read the electricity meter without decimals, i.e. note down only whole kWh. The electricity meter can usually be found on the exterior of the house.

Keep an eye on expenses

If you wish to calculate an approximation of the total expenses it is a good idea to note down consumption after the first 24 hours. You then multiply the reading with the cost per kwh etc. as well as with the number of days of your stay. If you wish to save on electricity consumption you can reduce the use of electrical heating, floor heating, sauna, whirlpool and solarium and put the cover over the swimmingpool when not in use. Even during the colder season not all electrical heating elements need be on.

Visit by a pool and whirlpool technician

If you have rented a house with pool and/or whirlpool you might get a short visit by the owner of the house or his representative. Technical and water quality controls are carried out regularly and where this is not possible between rental periods, you will get a visit during your holiday. This is done to ensure, that the pool and/or whirlpool in your house can be used optimally. Please follow the bathing instructions which can be found in the house.


In case of complaints the local office is to be notified immediately. Do not let minor defects or deficiencies spoil your holiday mood. DanCenter's local office will immediately contact the responsible home owner and inform him of your complaint, so the problem can be rectified as quickly as possible. If you can not reach the local office, please contact DanCenter's customer service department: +45 70 13 00 00


In most holiday areas refuse collection is not organized. This means emptying the dustbins is your own responsibility. On parking lots or along the road containers can be found for this purpose.


The house is to be left tidy and clean on departure. In some cases the rental amount includes the final cleaning, in others the final cleaning can be ordered from the owner of the house or his representative - see the description of your holiday home to find out what applies.