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Holiday home on Rømø and Mandø

The 2 islands Rømø and Mandø are located in the preserved Wadden Sea. Experience the big, unique natural area from your holiday home on Rømø and Mandø. Besides the Natinal Park Vadehavet the island Rømø also has many scenic bike and hike trails crossing the island. The small island of Mandø only has about 40 inhabitants, and the landscape on the island is dominated by open marshland. Mandø is very cosy and has a rich wildlife.

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House no: 92979Rømø/Bolilmark6 persons,  69 m²Animals are allowed.1.9 km to coast.A holiday cottage with a large, secluded terrace where you can enjoy the sun. Combined kitchen / living room with a fireplace. Peaceful and scenic area. No letting to youth groups.House no: 11263Rømø/Lakolk4 persons,  53 m²Animals are allowed.400 m to coast.Close to Lakolks wide sandy beach, you find this holiday cottage with a view of sand dunes. The house was originally one of the first house built at Lakolk. It is at the end of a quiet road. The kitchen is in open connection to the living room, ...House no: 25696Rømø/Kongsmark12 persons,  248 m²Animals are allowed.1.0 km to coast.A top quality gem of a holiday house, with swimming pool, whirlpool and sauna. There are exclusive materials like polished granite floors and tables, modern rustic building materials and great light effects in living room, activity room and ...House no: 55619Rømø/Bolilmark6 persons,  109 m²Pets are not allowed.2.0 km to coast.A holiday cottage with a great location on the northern part of Rømø. Sauna in connection with the scullery. The cottage is well-arranged with an open kitchen connected to a dining section and living room with a wood-burning stove. Access the ...House no: 43547Rømø/Havneby6 persons,  73 m²Animals are allowed.500 m to coast.An end row-house at Rim Holiday Centre with free access to indoor and outdoor swimming pools and fitness centre. The house has a modern arrangement with a fully equipped kitchen in open connection to the living room. In short distance of the ...House no: 66015Rømø/Bolilmark6 persons,  115 m²Pets are not allowed.1.9 km to coast.A holiday home located by the northern part of the island. The house has a combined living room and kitchen with direct access to the terrace. The cottage has a terrace where you can soak up the sun and enjoy the view of heaths. Go for lovely ...

You will find the islands of Rømø and Mandø off the coast south of Esbjerg. Both islands are surrounded by the Wadden Sea, a national reserve. The Wadden Sea is a very important “touchdown”, especially for web-footed birds and wading birds during their yearly migratory flight, and an important place for breeding and wintering as well.

Rømø is among the 10 largest Danish islands, however with only approx. 720 inhabitants. The island is connected with the mainland by the Rømø embankment, and it is especially well-known for its fantastic nature. Here you will find beautiful and incredibly wide sandy beaches. Almost 90% of the island is pure nature, and various big areas are protected. On Rømø they have a yearly jazz festival and a kite festival taking place in June and September, respectively. On the island you will find many beautiful nature trails, just made for a walk or a bike ride. The island also offers the opportunity to rent a horse. As nature here is something special, some of the shootings for the American movie, ”The Ghost”, were made here in 2009.

Between Rømø and Fanø is Mandø, a small island with about 40 inhabitants. Here the tide decides when you can go to island. In fact you can only reach the island by the Låningsvej (road) and only when the tide is low. Contrary to the nature of Rømø and Fanø the landscape of Mandø is rather monotone. It is covered by open marshland and has only very few trees. Mandø is a really cosy place, rich in animal life, especially migration birds. If you prefer to reach the island by bus, you can take the Mandø bus which departs from the Vadehavscenter (Wadden Sea Center) in Vester Vedsted.