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83 holiday homes for Southern Norway/Sørlandet

Holiday home in FlekkefjordHouse no: 6794Flekkefjord5 persons,  140 m²20 m to coast.Holiday home in LindesnesHouse no: 65079Lindesnes8 persons,  200 m²20 km to coast.Holiday home in ArendalHouse no: 8617Arendal6 persons,  42 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in FarsundHouse no: 99941Farsund6 persons,  86 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in LillesandHouse no: 99194Lillesand7 persons,  120 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅseralHouse no: 60041Åseral10 persons,  126 m²500 m to coast.Holiday home in FarsundHouse no: 55767Farsund5 persons,  50 m²30 m to coast.Holiday home in SeljordHouse no: 8361Seljord8 persons,  70 m²Holiday home in Bø (Tel.)House no: 7453Bø (Tel.)37 persons,  530 m²Holiday home in VinjeHouse no: 8540Vinje10 persons,  105 m²Holiday home in MandalHouse no: 35453Mandal6 persons,  95 m²70 m to coast.Holiday home in LindesnesHouse no: 4468Lindesnes14 persons,  100 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in Bø (Tel.)House no: 7451Bø (Tel.)9 persons,  75 m²Holiday home in LyngdalHouse no: 48755Lyngdal9 persons,  100 m²250 m to coast.Holiday home in MarnardalHouse no: 36672Marnardal8 persons,  110 m²30 m to coast.Holiday home in NissedalHouse no: 7313Nissedal15 persons,  210 m²Holiday home in LindesnesHouse no: 39363Lindesnes10 persons,  160 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in LyngdalHouse no: 29031Lyngdal4 persons,  45 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in LyngdalHouse no: 29029Lyngdal5 persons,  80 m²50 m to coast.Holiday home in BykleHouse no: 30653Bykle10 persons,  110 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in VinjeHouse no: 96038Vinje11 persons,  95 m²400 m to coast.Holiday home in ArendalHouse no: 66001Arendal10 persons,  110 m²97 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅseralHouse no: 51795Åseral11 persons,  150 m²300 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅseralHouse no: 94171Åseral14 persons,  80 m²400 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅseralHouse no: 28898Åseral6 persons,  70 m²1.0 km to coast.Holiday home in ArendalHouse no: 8402Arendal10 persons,  156 m²150 m to coast.Holiday home in ÅmliHouse no: 8226Åmli8 persons,  75 m²100 m to coast.Holiday home in KviteseidHouse no: 7552Kviteseid6 persons,  55 m²Holiday home in ÅseralHouse no: 53106Åseral10 persons,  80 m²200 m to coast.Holiday home in MandalHouse no: 40279Mandal8 persons,  86 m²70 m to coast.
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Holidays in Southern Norway

Southern Norway's archipelago is made up of islets, small islands and sheltered coves. A distinctive feature of Southern Norway's coastal strip are the characteristic little white towns and villages like Risør, Tvedestrand, Arendal, Grimstad, Lillesand, Mandal, Farsund and Flekkefjord. The towns are very distinctive with their white-painted timber houses, and photogenic cobbled streets and alleyways. Kristiansand is the biggest town in Southern Norway and unofficial capital of the region. It also has the same characteristic white timber houses. The district of Posebyen in the centre of Kristiansand is a clear example that Kristiansand is also typical of the villages and towns of Southern Norway, despite its size.

Southern Norway - more than sun and islands.

But Southern Norway is more than sun, islands and picture-postcard villages. In the land between sea and mountains, you will also find long valleys and fertile uplands. A tidy cultural landscape and extensive forest and heathland areas are the 'hidden secrets' of Southern Norway.

This is where you can find some of the country's best salmon rivers, calm mountain lakes perfect for kayaking trips, mountain hikes with stunning views, and a huge variety of activities to choose from. This part of Southern Norway provides an interesting contrast to the holiday atmosphere of the coast. All you have to do is decide how active you want your holiday to be. High-adrenaline waterfall adventures on steep mountains with exciting rapids? Or quiet as a mouse in your quest for the ultimate encounter with a beaver? A variety of companies in Southern Norway offer activities ranging from elk and beaver safaris, to rafting, mountain climbing, canoeing and kayaking. Both beside the coast and in the mountains are a number of excellent golf courses.

Culture and festivals

World-famous authors and artists like Henrik Ibsen, Knut Hamsun and Gustav Vigeland had connections with Southern Norway. Every year, several theatre and music festivals are held in the region. The Risør Chamber Music Festival has received international acclaim, and is a showcase for world-class musicians. In the galleries and arts and crafts outlets you can find everything from kitsch to provocative contemporary art. Many renowned artists live and work in the region.

Loads for kids:

Southern Norway is the perfect region for children. It has Kristiansand Zoo, where you can find a forest climbing park, aqua park, playgrounds, rafting, heaps of hay for jumping in, and not least exotic animals - enough to keep the kids entertained throughout their holiday. Kristiansand Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in Norway, but Southern Norway also has numerous other theme parks and activity parks. Southern Norway is the perfect region for children, and you don't have far to go between all its numerous highlights. Sun and sand in the summer - although as we all know, the sun doesn't always cooperate. So if the sun goes in or if you're visiting Southern Norway outside the swimming season, there still are plenty of activities to enjoy, no matter what the weather is doing.

Hiking and cycling in Southern Norway

Outside the towns and villages, there tend to be excellent, well-marked trails in stunning natural surroundings. If you're looking for a bigger challenge, there is a huge variety of hiking routes in the forests and mountains. Kristiansand and Oppland Tourist Association have cabins and way-marked trails throughout the mountain region. Many of the trails and paths are also ideal for bikes. Cycle route no. 3, from Kristiansand to Hovden, is suitable for the entire family. It takes you into beautiful natural scenery, with sights and activities all along the way. Cycle route no. 1 runs from Flekkefjord to Risør - 1 past white-painted Southern Norwegian villages and areas of natural beauty. The cycle routes are well signposted and shown on special maps.


All along the coast, there is no charge for fishing, and the waters are rich in cod, coalfish, mackerel and many other species. You can fish independently or with local boatmen who know the area.

Winter in a holiday home in Norway

The mountains and downhill ski resorts are much closer than most people think. Only one hour's drive from the centre of Kristiansand, you can find ski slopes. After a longer drive up into Setesdal valley, you arrive in Hovden, one of the country's most popular winter sports centres, around 800 metres above sea level. We also have the famous downhill ski resort of Sirdal, which is a short drive from Egersund or Stavanger. Åseral is the closest winter destination if you're travelling from Kristiansand, only an hour and a half by car, surrounded by spectacular natural scenery - and Brokke is on the way to Hovden. All of the resorts have skiing instructors and ski equipment for hire.

Questions and answers concerning Southern Norway/Sørlandet

We have collected some of the most frequent questions from our guests.

How many DanCenter holiday homes can I choose from in Southern Norway?

There are 70+ DanCenter holiday homes in Southern Norway.

What are the most important places to visit in Southern Norway?

Lindesnes Lighthouse, The Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Heddal Stave Church, The Parks of Oslo and Bryggen Bergen are some places one can visit in Southern Norway.

Any activities that I must include during my stay in Southern Norway?

Some of the must-try activities in Southern Norway are:

  • Cycling
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Birdwatching
  • Rafting

If I’m coming from the UK, what are my options?

UK travellers can reach the Southern Norway area via plane (Kristiansand airport), bus, car, train or ferry.

What are the recommended dishes in Southern Norway?

Lutefisk, Pinnekjøtt, Fårikål, Kjøttboller, and Fiskesuppe are some of the dishes you should try in Southern Norway.

When is the ideal time to visit Southern Norway?

May to June and September to October are the best months to visit Southern Norway.