Limfjorden, the scenic fjord in northern Denmark

Limfjorden, the scenic fjord in northern Denmark

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Limfjorden, the scenic fjord in northern Denmark

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Here you will find everything from big and untouched forests to the greatest beaches.
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House no: 17067Mors/Sillerslev7 persons,  84 m²Animals are allowed.50 m to coast.Holiday cottage located directly to Sallingsund with great views of the fjord across to Salling. The house is bright with large windows and exposed beams. The house has every amenity incl. sauna and large whirlpool. There is a DVD player for ...House no: 61506Trend6 persons,  61 m²Animals are allowed.800 m to coast.Well-kept holiday cottage located in peaceful and scenic surroundings approx. 800 m from the Limfjord. Cosy living room with access to the terrace where you can enjoy your dinner and the warm evenings and the sunset. Open and well-equipped kitchen ...House no: 13417Fur10 persons,  225 m²Pets are not allowed.500 m to coast.Holiday cottage located on a large, natural plot overlooking the Limfjord. The small island in the Limfjord, Fur, can be reached via a small ferry ride. The house has every modern amenity. 2 living rooms, one with wood-burning stove and a dining ...House no: 63173Trend19 persons,  210 m²Animals are allowed.250 m to coast.A large and well-situated holiday cottage with whirlpool and an activity room. The house is only 250 metres from a fjord with a sea view from the house. Combined living room and kitchen with underfloor heating, a wood-burning stove and comfortable ...House no: 61450Astrup Vig6 persons,  75 m²Animals are allowed.900 m to coast.Holiday cottage located on very large, enclosed plot not far from the fjord. The house has an open terrace, TV with many channels and a DVD player. There is a rowing boat (uage at own risk/insurance). No letting to youth groups.House no: 97679Hvalpsund6 persons,  181 m²Animals are allowed.300 m to coast.Architect designed holiday cottage high located on a 2650 m² large natural plot overlooking Limfjorden and the small island Livø. Ground floor has separate kitchen and dining room. The kitchen has i.a. cooker and dish washer. The adjacent dining ...

On a trip along Limfjorden, you will find a large selection of exciting natural phenomenona and cultural attractions. Only a few will be able to visit all the attractions along the bay, but in the following, we will offer some suggestions to some nice holiday experiences.

The largest bird sanctuary of Northern Europe is called Vejlerne. Vejlerne is a low-lying area of 6,000 acres with meadows, bamboo forests and brackish water lakes. Vejlerne exists due to a failed draining project. It is now a preserved paradise for birds and bird enthusiasts.

Eshøj Plantation

The Eshøj plantation is situated about 4 km from the centre of Thisted. The plantation is a small botanical treasure consisting of 150 different species of trees and bushes from all over the world, and is thereby a very unusual forest.

Eshøj offers good opportunity for fresh air and exercise. The terrain is hilly and the difference of height is 25 km from Limfjorden to the highest spot of the plantation.

You can go for a run or for a walk thus giving yourself the time to see, hear, smell and feel the pulse and rhythm of nature. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity of meeting an exciting nature which is right in front of you.

Skyum Bjerge.

The hilly landscape constitutes a part of the Limfjord coast in the direction of Vildsund. There are clefts and valleys created from the erosion of melted water at the end of the last Ice Age. There are 17 preserved grave mounds in the area. Six of them are nicely situated on a row down the hill crest. The area is preserved, and in order to maintain the moor, there are pacture sheeps on the steep slopes.


In Ullerup, a bit north of Heltborg, you will find the 6000 year old stone house which is open to the public.

The Limfjord centre, Doverodde

150 years after the first grocer’s was established in Doverodde, the Doverodde grocer’s house is now one of the best preserved merchant houses of Limfjorden from that period. Today it is a centre of experience with focus on Thy and Limfjorden. In the old grain silo, there are exhibitions of geological occurrences and animals from that period.

In the old warehouse you can find an exciting activity room where you can examine the fish and other animals you yourself have caught in the bay. There are also exhibitions showing the development of the merchant’s houses over the years. Furthermore there are various exhibitions and activities.

The ancient churchyard at Ydby Hede.

With its 49 grave mounds, this ancient churchyard is the biggest one in Denmark.

Lunaria and Danas Have. The art collection, which is the only one of its kind, shows different exhibitions by the artist, Susanne Twermoes and her poetic world of images, i.e. a life work created out of leaves and petals. From the adventure garden of the museum there is a view of the Vikings’ Limfjord which is crossed by the Amber Road (Ravvejen) near Sindrup towards Europe. Furthermore there is a museum of the most famous Limfjord poets, e.g. Johs. V. Jensen, J.P. Jakobsen, Jeppe Åkjær etc.

Vestervig church

Vestervig church is the biggest village church in Scandinavia. It has one of Denmark’s finest organs with 52 stops, which can be enjoyed at exquisite church concerts. The church is also known for the legend about the sad love story between Liden Kirsten and Prince Buris. Liden Kirsten, the half sister to Valdemar den Store, had a love affair with the brother to Queen Sofie, Prince Buris. When Valdemar discovered the relationship, he had Liden Kirsten dance until she died. She was buried at Vestervig cemetery. Prince Buris was blinded, gelded and chained to the church wall right next to Liden Kirsten’s grave. When he died, he was buried in the same grave as Liden Kirsten.