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Cancellation Insurance

Insured: This policy covers the persons stated on the lessor’s confirmation/ tenancy agreement and the persons who are scheduled to take part in the tenancy. The aforementioned persons are hereinafter referred to as ‘the insured’.

Policy term: Cancellation cover will take effect upon payment of the premium and cease at the start of the tenancy. The peace of mind package provides cover from the start of the policy term until the end of the tenancy.

1 Cancellation insurance

1.1 Scope of the policy: Die The policy covers cases where the insured, his or her spouse/ cohabiting partner, family or travel companion suffers one of the following during the policy term and the tenancy cannot be completed because of:

Or if:
1.2 Compensation: In the event of cancellation, the policy covers the component of the rent that cannot be recovered by DanCenter and Danland. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of the late commencement of the tenancy due to reasons referred to in Article 2(1) (damage covered by the policy) or due to a delay to public transport lasting more than two hours, the documented additional costs for commencement of the tenancy shall be subject to a maximum amount corresponding to any cancellation.

1.3 Procedure in the event of a claim:** The insured must notify DanCenter and Danland of the cancellation of the trip as soon as he or she becomes aware of the event or events which render cancellation necessary. The insured must also submit an insurance certificate and booking confirmation to DanCenter and Danland. The insured must be able to substantiate the reason for the cancellation through:
  • a) A medical certificate
  • b) In the case of mental illness, a psychiatrist’s certificate
  • c) In the case of death, a death certificate
  • d) In the case of divorce, an application for divorce
  • e) In the case of vehicle damage, a valuer’s report/statement from a car repair workshop
  • f) in the case of damage to residential property, a police report
  • g) in the case of redundancy, a redundancy letter from the employer concerned,
  • h) in the case of appointment to a new job, an employment certificate/statement from the employer
  • I) in the case of delay to public transport, documentation of the delay

    2 Holiday compensation

    The policy covers:

    2.1 Termination: In the event of termination of a tenancy as a result of a loss covered by the Cancellation Insurance (Article 2), the policy will cover:

    - a) Refunding of rent payable by the insured for days on which the tenancy is not utilised. In the case of termination after 12.00 noon, the compensation will be determined from the following day.

    - b) Expenditure on unused travel. - c) Additional travel expenses for early return travel (subject to a maximum of economy class travel by air) - d) Return of a car if it is abandoned upon termination of a trip

    3 Peace of mind package

    3.1 Emergency medical treatment: During the tenancy, the insured shall have access to Gouda’s 24- hour emergency medical service in the event of both minor and severe illness. The insured may obtain advice and guidance concerning medical treatment and medications. The peace of mind package provides cover of up to DKK 1 million for costs incurred by the insured in obtaining emergency assistance at the scene of the accident which involved the insured. The assistance will be provided by Gouda Alarm’s crisis team over the telephone or at the scene of the accident. The cover is subject to the condition that Gouda’s doctor or psychologist considers the provision of emergency assistance to be necessary.

    3.3 Recall: The peace of mind package covers reasonable and necessary additional travel expenses in no more than economy class for two persons who are covered by the policy in the event that the insured:

    - a) is recalled to their home country as a result of a serious acute illness/injury which results in the hospitalisation or death of the insured’s spouse/cohabiting partner or family.
    - b) is informed of material damage resulting from fire, flooding or burglary in the insured’s private home in their home country or business, or in the event of an non-contractual industrial dispute or fraudulent actions within the insured’s own business which requires the immediate attendance of the insured in person.
    br> Limitations: - a) It is a condition for Gouda’s liability that the recall is agreed with Gouda.
    - b) The peace of mind package only gives entitlement to one recall per policy term for the person

    The peace of mind package does not cover: - 1) Recall which will result in arrival at home less than 12 hours before the originally planned arrival.
    - 2) Return travel to the starting point for repatriation.

    REMARKS In the event of an accident that is covered by Article 2 of the Cancellation Insurance, notification must be given immediately to DanCenter, Nannasgade 28, 2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark. After registering the claim notification, DanCenter will forward the notification to Gouda Rejseforsikring in Copenhagen, who will them process the claim and pay out compensation as and where applicable.

    EMERGENCY claims handling: Contact Gouda Alarm Centre.

    4. General terms and conditions

    4.1.Complaints: If, after discussing a problem with us, you still disagree with our handling of your case or the outcome, you can submit a complaint to our complaints officer:

    Gouda Rejseforsikring
    Att.: Den klageansvarlige enhed
    A.C. Meyers Vænge 9
    2450 Copenhagen SV

    If you still do not agree with our decision, you can complain to:

    Insurance Complaints Board
    Anker Heegaardsgade 2
    1572 Copenhagen SV

    Telephone: + 45 33 15 89 00 (weekdays between 10am and 1pm)

    A specific complaints form available from the Insurance Complaints Board must be used when submitting a complaint. You can also submit your complaint online. For more information on your options, see

    4.2. Legal venue: Legal proceedings against Gouda may be brought in the insured’s domicile or before the District Court or Eastern High Court in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    4.3 Definitions:
    - Family: EParents, parents-in-law, children, foster children, grandchildren, children-in-law, siblings, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law and grandparents.

    - Insurer: The insurer is Gjensidige Forsikring, Danish branch, CVR no. 33 25 92 47, which is part of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Norway, organisation no. 995 568 217.

    - Travel companion: A travel companion is a person who has planned to participate in the tenancy with the insured.

    - Acute illness/injury: ‘Acute eligible illness/injury’ means a recent illness/injury, a reasonable suspicion of a recent disorder or an unexpected deterioration in a pre-existing or chronic disorder.

    - Travel cost per day:: The rent payable divided by the duration of the stay (the day of travel and day of return are considered to be one day).

    Gouda Alarmcentral Tel.: (+45) 33 15 60 60
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    E-Mail:, • CVR-Nr.: 18 21 45 71

    Gouda Rejseforsikring is part of

    Gjensidige Forsikring, CVR no. 33 25 92 47,
    Danish branch of Gjensidige Forsikring ASA,
    NorwayOrganisation no. 995 568 217

    Claims Department

    Telephone: +45 88 88 81 60

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