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About Vesterålen - Nordland
If you have not seen the fiords of Vestlandet, the mountains of Northern Norway, the summer midnight sun or the aurora borealis of the polar winter, do not hesitate anymore - go there now!
However, also the villages of Østlandet, the white seaside towns of Sørlandet, Hardanger in flower or the cultural life or street life of the cities have their charm.
The huge and varied Norwegian landscape offers a lot of possibilities for activities, interesting experiences and recreation.

Winter time offers varied and challenging ski-life for kids and grown-ups at all levels. But also the historical and cultural attractions - somewhat hidden and forgotten because of the fantastic and extraordinary nature of Norway - are now beginning to interest the many tourists.

Tourist Norway has so much to offer you all year round that the only thing more you would dream of - a part from being a tourist in Norway - is more time to explore this fantastic country.